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The Word Cross-references now Free to Share and Use

We publish The Word: two selected Bible verses for each day of a year, in multiple languages and Bible editions.

The Bible texts are subject to the respective license of the Bible publisher, kindly granted for use in The Word. The licenses are listed in the Copyright page.

The selection of Bible verse pairs is different. It is the work of individual Christians, who contribute their knowledge of the Bible for our project Bible 2.0. While in the past, this selection of Bible verse pairs was available under the license

"Creative Commons 2.0"
Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works

which excluded commercial use and use of the data in your own works, the selection of verses is now really free: it is available under the

License "Creative Commons 4.0"
(Attribution, ShareAlike).

... which means, you are free to download it, share it with others, and create other works from it, as long as you attribute the source and share the data under the same conditions. (For the Bible text, you have to organize the license on your own)

The change has been motivated by the book "The Christian Commons" by the "Gateway Languages" project. They strive to "provide essential biblical resources to 100% of people groups in their own languages, through languages of wider communication."

2020-10-05 • HSteeb