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The Word 2016 Is Available!

After I finished the date assignment for the sayings of The Word 2016, I reviewed the sayings for some holidays of the year 2016. The first saying for Christmas Eve was surprising:

They will look on me, on him whom they have pierced.
Zechariah 12:10 (ESV)

Therefore I swapped the sayings of March 25th (Good Friday) and December 24th.

So now I had a list with dates and saying IDs for 2016. The database on the server contains the text of all sayings. Using some helper software on my local computer, I fetched the "English Standard Version" sayings texts for 2016 from the database and published them as a structured text file. It is available in the page of Bible editions. Viewer applications with integrated download functionality should be able to fetch the new texts right away.

How To Continue?

Next, I'll have to fetch the verses for The Word 2016 in other Bible editions. Then the translation editors will format the verses - those that are new in 2016.

As soon as The Word 2016 will be available in several Bible editions, the authors of the viewer applications can publish updated installers for 2016 (to be expected in autumn). Applications that support integrated download do not need such updates, of course.

To simplify the work of the translation editors, I would like to implement some optimizations for the extraction of verses from the electronic Bible texts. For instance, in a Bible verse starting with "But John said", the word "but" refers to a preceeding verse. For a saying published without the context, the "but" can be removed. In the sayings published so far, the editors performed all these changes manually - software can do this more comfortable.

For Experts

Most of the software I use are Perl scripts. They process .csv- and .xml files on my local computer. I would like to have them available on the server, where others from the team can use them, too, and where the scripts operate on the database directly.

The structured text file is in XML format. It has the file extension .twd. The description of the XML structure is available for download.

2015-07-20 • HSteeb • updated 2024-05-21