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The Word 2015 for Arabic

The Word 2015 is available for Arabic in the New Arabic Version (Ketab el Hayat), by courtesy of Biblica. Christian fellows from Jordan have translated the texts within few days!

You can download it in several of our applications, or view it fullscreen.

Updates of our apps for Android and iOS (iPhone) are being prepared.

God's Word is able to change the life of people - spread The Word!

Here is The Word in Arabic for today, Saturday 2015-06-20:

الكلمة – 20 حزيران 2015

هَذَا صَوْتُ حَبِيبِي! هَا هُوَ آتٍ طَافِراً عَلَى الْجِبَال وَاثِباً فَوْقَ التِّلاَلِ.

نشيد الانشاد 2:8

قال المسيح:

خِرَافِي تُصْغِي لِصَوْتِي، وَأَنَا أَعْرِفُهَا وَهِيَ تَتْبَعُنِي، وَأُعْطِيهَا حَيَاةً أَبَدِيَّةً.

يوحنا 10:27-28

2015-06-20 • HSteeb