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Join Us: How You Could Help

Here some tasks and ideas at hand:

  • Graphics expert? Create a vector graphics version of our logo (.svg would be nice, more stylish?)
  • ... or share ideas, a concept, an implementation of a nice layout (based on Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Bible expert? Cross-reference some Bible verses in the BibleStudio, for The Word 2015 (in German only)
  • ... or prepare a refined list of "proposals" for the BibleStudio, based on the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (e.g. including the words that motivate the cross-reference)
  • Mobile expert? Sketch an improved user interface for the BibleStudio (responsive, for mobile and desktop)
  • CMS expert? Implement a plugin that shows The Word in your favorite CMS
  • Marketing expert? Spread The Word in all the languages, boards, wikis, EPUB stores
  • Game expert? Sketch an idea that makes readers have fun to read The Word, remember it, lookup the Bible verses
  • Native speaker of a language for which The Word is not yet available? Think about a Bible edition to use, provide a contact to the publisher, assist us in preparing the verses
  • ... like for Arabic

Whatever we do, let's do it to the honour of the Lord Jesus Christ, and be thankful.


2014-02-03 • HSteeb