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Easy to Read and Plain Writing

"Easy to Read" and "Plain Writing" are movements to write texts in a way that the texts are easy to read. One of the rules of the "European standards for making information easy to read and understand" ("19." in page 17) is about sentences and lines:

Where possible, 1 sentence should fit on 1 line.
If you have to write 1 sentence on 2 lines,
cut the sentence where people would pause
when reading out loud.

It is a similar rule which we have been using from the beginning for The Word of Project Bible 2.0:

distribute the saying onto multiple lines in such a way that one unit of meaning is on one line

Therefore we insert line-breaks into the selected Bible verses. The publishers of the respective Bible editions grant us the right to use verses from their Bible. We may insert line-breaks but for sure we must not change the words, so we cannot follow other rules about wording.

An Easy-to-Read English Bible is also available. But there is some controversy whether the result is "Easy to Read or Easy to Mislead" (see Wikipedia article about Easy-to-Read Version).

2014-02-15 • HSteeb